New WPC Style Cabinet

The cabinet I chose to use for this build is a Williams/Bally WPC style cabinet. This newer style cabinet will give me extra room above the playfield to add some extra Buffy related items that otherwise wouldnt have fit under the glass in the original cabinet. I found a company that would build me a brand new cabinet to WPC specs. The company is They started off making custom cabinets for the virtual pinball community. Once they became well known for these cabinets they began getting many requests from the real pinball community to have the WPC cabinets copied. Enough requests, in fact, that they began making their virtual cabinets like the WPC style. This way they only have 1 style to produce with only minor tweeks on the inside for whichever platform the end user needs it for.


Unfortunately I got in at the begining of the rush, right when they were flooded with orders. This lead to a more then 3 month wait for my cabinet to be built and delivered. I can say that it was worth the wait and the construction is top notch and worth every penny I paid! The cabinet also included all new hardware.


The cabinet arrived pretty much ready for the artwork to be applied. There is just a few small modifications that I need to make in order to mount my older style playfield into it. Once I have this completed, it will be time to install the artwork!

Once the needed modifications were completed it was time to install the artwork. I was a little nervous about this part. one mistake and I'd be having to buy new decals.  Luckily the install went very smoothly and I couldnt be happier with the outcome! Check out the pics below and see for yourself.

Installed the start button and shooter rod! It's looking good!