ll see!

I really wanted to source a newer machine than I was previously looking at using.  I love the look and feel of WPC style machines and would love this Buffy machine to look and feel the same way. However, finding a WPC style game that had good game play, a good layout, and that wasn't thousands of dollars was proving to be harder than I was hoping. After much deliberation I decided to source a Williams Swords of Fury (SOF). This game is the perfect solution. It has a fantastic layout with great game play. It is loaded with features and is a great starting point for a retheme. The SOF is a System 11 game. System 11 games are more advanced than the games I had previously planed on using and they are not as expensive as the more current WPC DMD style machines. This actually works out well for me anyways as the P-ROC board that I plan to use will allow me to change this System 11 machine to function more like a newer WPC style machine, starting with the display. The P-ROC will allow me to replace the System 11 alphanumeric displays with the more modern DMD style display. This will not only give me the opportunity to make the game feel more like a newer machine, it will allow me to add some pretty cool DMD animation using video from the show. 

I have also sourced a WPC style cabinet. This is for a couple of reasons. First is the more modern look of these cabinets. As I stated before I want this machine to look more current. Second is that the WPC cabinet is slightly taller in the back. This will give me anywhere between 2-3 more inches in space between the playfield and the glass. This will allow me to add some Buffy specific toys to the playfield that would have otherwise not fit. 


Even though the SOF playfield layout will stay the same I am hoping, with the new artwork, programming, rule sets, and modes, that the game will have a different feel to it. 

All in all, the game should turn out pretty nice. Well, at least the one I am playing in my head seems nice. :)

Donor Playfield

This playfield is loaded with great features like 2 levels, 4 flippers, 3 spinners, 2 ramps, 2 horseshoe lanes, and a 5-bank drop target on the mini playfield that is slower to reset each time it is hit, making the duration of game play in the upper playfield progressively harder. 




Cabinet, Translite, and Display

Even though these items are in good shape, none of them will be used in the new build. So, they will eventually be offered up for sale.