I decided that I wanted to use LED lighting for my backglass. I really like what Flipper Fidelity has done for the newer Stern games, so I set out to build one of my own. I sourced some foam board from my local office supply and some 5M LED strip lighting on ebay (both RGB and white only strips). These strips can be cut to length and then wired together allowing you to place them anywhere you want behind the backglass. So I laid out my pattern of lights to match what I wanted lit up on the backglass. It was fairly simple to do. The longest part was soldering all the strips back together.

Also, I wasn't a fan of how the FF boards were designed to be mounted, so I decided to remove all the hardware from the existing backboard and install it onto the new foam board. Now my new LED backboard opens and latches just like the original backboard did. Pictures and a video of it in action below.


Initially, I wanted to ditch the original alphanumeric displays for a more modern DMD (dot matrix display) style display. After giving it some thought I decided I decided to use a 15.9 " LED LCD display. This LCD display is a raw LG monitor that is used in many laptops. I chose to use this because I have always dreamed of integrating actual video clips into the game play.  This monitor is the same display that the folks at colorDMD offer in their kits. I was able to source the display on eBay for $65. I then called Randy up at colorDMD and asked him if he would sell me his mounting pan for it that they designed for these displays. This part was not necessary, but his pan is so nicely done that it makes the install and end result look so much cleaner. 


Since this was a raw monitor it did not come with any control boards. I was able to source a guy (also on eBay, $39) that made a control board for this exact display. This board allows me to plug 3 different types of sources (HDMI, DVI, and VGA) int the raw monitor and gives me control of the essential menus for the display (brightness, contrast, etc.).


Next job was to alter the display opening on my speaker panel. Since it was pre cut to hold the much smaller DMD display, I had to open her up a bit to maximize the new 15.9". below are a few pics of the monitor, its mount and of it in the machine. The speaker panel artwork cover is not shown.


Here is a video of it in action. This was just my first test using a DVD to check the image quality and visibility.​

P-ROC is up and running!!

I finally got the P-ROC mounted and wired up! I did a test run of the P-ROC running via pinmame. Below is a quick video of that. The speakers have not been wired up yet so the game sound is very quiet as it is coming from the laptop speakers. I will update soon with  more info and pictures.

Upgraded Audio

I decided that this game was in serious need of an audio upgrade. Before this I was using the original games sound board, which was ok, but not great. It was also only capable of producing sound in mono. Since I was planning on using music and clips from the show, I was going to need an audio system that at a minimum would play in stereo.  After countless hours of reaserch I ended up sourcing a Lapai 3 channel amp on Amazon and upgraded all the speakers in the machine. I am using Flipper Fidelity 4" coaxial speakers in the head and an 8" subwoofer w/ x-over  in the lower cabinet. I also mounted a volume controller just inside the coindoor to make volume adjustment super easy.


The end result is FANTASTIC! This machine really rocks now! Pics below of the goods!