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Playfield Art Nears Completion 

September  30th 2014


As I try to get the game ready for Pinball Expo in mid October we are finally close to completing the artwork for the playfield. It has taken many months to get to this point. Having my first two artists needing to back out of this project led me to find the third one that has created the preliminary art that you see here.  I couldn't be happier with what he has created in the little time that he was given!  


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Playfield Layout Cpmpleted and Installed!

October  10th 2015


The layout for this game is finally completed. The playfield is assembled and in the cabinet and ready for Pinball Expo, which is in a few days. Only thing left now is to finish up the code. The game code is pretty solid as it is, but there is still lots to add. Even so, this game is a blast to play!!


Website updates

January  15th 2014


Updating this website with the latest info has not been very easy for me to keep up on but I do my best to do it for really big improvements to the game. However, if you would like to be kept more up to date on my progress I would encurage you to check out my thread on the forum or to follow me on Facebook. These sites are much easier for me to post on  and I do so a lot more often then here. So please check them out!


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Playfield artwork process has started.

December 1st 2013


I had some time to work on the game this holiday weekend and decided to dive into preping the playfield for the Buffy artwork.


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Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, approves! :)

November 5th 2013


On November 5th Sarah sent a Tweet out to all her followers about my pinball project! I am beyond exstatic! I couldnt be happier that she likes what I am building. Thanks for the support Sarah!


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Quick video test of the new audio system!

September 8th 2013


Just a quick video of me testing the audio. Too bad my camera phone doesnt pick up the amazing sound quality of this machine. It truly sounds fantastic!

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Upgraded the audio system!

August 25th 2013


I decided to give the audio system in the game a serious makeover. This included ditching the original sound board and installing a new amp and all new speakers. The results are amazing!

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Follow me on Facebook!!

July 31st 2013


Although I do my best to update this site with new info, it is just too time consuming to do for every little update I may have. So I created a Facebook page where I could also keep track of the build. The Facebook page is much easier to update and will have more info and discussion about the game then will appear here. So please check it out and "Like" the page to be kept more up to date on the build. 

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P-ROC up and running!!

June 29st 2013


Installed and tested the the P-ROC and MarkS Driverboards! They are working perfectly! 

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We have a display!!

June 21st 2013


Installed and tested the 15.9" LED LCD display! This is gonna be awesome!!

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Cabinet artwork installed!!

June 15th 2013


Installed all the cabinet artwork today! It looks FANTASTIC! I am really pleased with how easy it was to put on and how well it turned out.

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New Cabinet has Arrived!!

June 11th 2013


After waiting for over 3 months, the new cabinet for the Buffy pinball machine has finally arrived! There is just a little prep work needed to get the cabinet ready for the artwork! I hope to have the artwork on it this weekend! Stay tuned!!

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Replica BRONZE sign

June 7th 2013


So things have been pretty slow on the pinball machine lately as I am STILL waiting for my new cabinet to arrive so I can continue. I decided to use this unwanted free time to build something else Buffy related. Enter the full size replica BRONZE bar sign! 

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LED Lighting for translite complete!

April 5th 2013


I created some fancy LED lighting for behind my new translite! I think it turned out great!

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Cabinet and Translite artwork design complete!

​March 23rd 2013

The cabinet and translite artwork was finalized and ordered about a week ago. I just received the printed cabinet and translite artwork. It looks fantastic! Just waiting on the new cabinet to arrive now!

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Donor Game Acquired 

​January 15 2013

I was able to acquire the donor game for my project today! Its official. The fun is about to begin! Williams Swords of Fury!

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