Initially when I decided to do this project my plan was to take an early 80's machine, like a Bally Flash Gordon, and just redo the artwork on the translite, cabinet, and playfield. Then use an MP3 trigger board to add custom sound to the game. This would have been the most basic way to accomplish a "re-theme". After kicking around the idea for many years and even having a donor game at one point (a 1983 Williams Jungle Lord) I decided to put the idea on the back burner. Then, at the end of last year (2012), I ran across a website ( ) that sells custom pinball control hardware. The main control board they offer, dubbed the P-ROC, is a fully customizable board that allows anyone the opportunity to control and program their very own pinball machine. This board can be used to control and modify an existing machine (which I plan to do) or if you are feeling really adventurous you can use it to control a fully custom built game. Well, needless to say, after reading about this I knew that I was going to dive back into my project again. 

Since I knew I wouldn't have the time, funds, or knowledge to build a new game from the ground up I decided, yet again, to search for a game to "re-theme".  However, with the availability of the P-ROC board, it gave me the opportunity to use a more modern game as my starting point and the opportunity to change more then just the sounds on the machine. My goal was to source out a machine that had a fun layout and that was fairly inexpensive to acquire.  I would then use it's layout as a starting my point but completely ditch the current programming and rule set and develop my own. This will be a huge undertaking for me as I will need to learn Python programming to make this happen. I feel pretty confident though that I can pick it up fairly quickly. We shall see!

Feel free to click on the different tabs under THE BUILD to see details on specific parts of the game. I will continue to add to them ad the build progresses.